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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to setup an account?

To setup an account, contact our sales team at or use our contact form.

How can I see the app analytics?

You can view basic analytics within the CMS. You can also other stats such as the number of downloads from your respective app store account dashboards. Advanced usage statistics are available for Gold subscription customers via Google Analytics. Your support representative can provide you access. 

What mobile devices are supported?

The mobile applications are supported on the last 3 stable major iOS versions on the last 7 generations of iPhones and iPads on Apple devices and on Android the last 5 stable major Android versions on Samsung Galaxy series phones, Google Pixel series phones, and HTC One series phones.

What technology is used to develop the apps?

The apps are developed as Native applications to provide the best user experience for the device used. Each app is developed using the relevant toolkit for their respective operating systems (Android and iOS).

What can I expect from the developing process? How are Info Grove apps built?

Stage 1: We work together to determine an MVP (minimum viable product) for getting you launched on the app stores. You choose what features to include (based on our pricing guide) and we build the app on your behalf.

Stage 2: We provide demo builds to let you test the progress as we develop. We gather feedback and continue on the final build. We submit the builds to the respective app stores on your behalf. 

Stage 3: You are trained on the backend CMS. After the training you’ll be able to add new content, edit, and manage the app by yourself.

You can view our entire process here: App Development Process

Where is the data stored?

We use the Canadian cloud services providers to ensure data sovereignty, as well as flexible processing and bandwidth control in order to meet the performance and service delivery requirements. The operational servers are located in Toronto, Ontario and our backup servers are located with a different provider in Montreal, Quebec.

Are Info Grove apps available on the App Store and Google Play Store?

Yes, all apps are published in both stores. Or, just one if you prefer. 

Is the platform secure?

Yes. All communications are over https / ssl and our platform is built on top of a SOC2 / ISO 27001 compliant hosting provider. 

What happens when the new update comes out from Apple and Google? Does my app still work?

Yes! As part of the annual maintenance fee, we take care of updating the app to meet the latest operating system.

Once the app is launched in the app store, what happens next?

We will work with you to build the initial release of the app. Once the app is live, you have all the control on adding new content, sending push notifications, collecting data, etc.

What if I want to add a feature that is not currently offered by Info Grove?

14 Oranges began in 2009 as a custom mobile app development team, we would be happy to take on new custom integrations.

What if I only want a few features?

Info Grove is designed as a “pick and choose” service. You choose what features you want in your app. Contact our sales team to receive a pricing guide.

We are a member based organization, can we make certain parts of the app private?

Yes, we offer password protected logins for member based organizations.

Do we have control of the design process?

Yes, Info Grove is equipped with 3 basic menu options: Icon grid, hamburger menu, and dashboard menu. You choose the graphics, colours, and fonts and we make it happen.

Can we start small and build as we go?

Yes, Info Grove has a Bronze, Silver, and Gold package for pricing. Contact our sales team today to learn more.

Can we sell products on Info Grove apps?

Yes, Info Grove supports creating products and collecting payments. Info Grove also has a module that launches your existing web store and allows users to complete transactions without leaving the app.

How do I see how many users are using the app?

They are many ways to view those figures. The Content Management System (CMS) includes a statistics view giving you a quick view how well your app is performing and which views/screens are being accessed the most. For customers on our Gold Package, access to a Google Analytics account is provided allowing an in depth analysis of your app’s performance. 

How do I add a view to the app?

Your app administrators can add views by using our easy to use Content Management System (CMS). 

Can forms be sent to more than one email addresses?

Yes forms can be sent to a list of email addresses as well as a list of phone numbers via SMS. 

Can we change our branding?

Changing your branding can be done but in most cases, will require to republish your app on both stores. 

Can I see who received a push notification?

Unfortunately no; however, your app administrators can see the number of users who have received a push. 

Does the content automatically sync with our website?

We have various modules that can sync automatically with your website so that you only have one place to update your content.