Version 4.6 of Info Grove, the premier mobile platform for municipalities and associations, brings even more enhancements! See the enhancements below!

Updates to User Questionnaire Will Now Prompt Existing Users

You can now make changes to your user questionnaire and ensure that your existing users are made aware of the new choices. 

Module Validation Errors & Warnings Can Now Be Silenced

You can now silence module validation errors and warnings for up to 30 days. 

Basic HTML Support Added for User Questionnaire

The User Questionnaire fields now support basic HTML formatting. 

Dashboard Module Supports Dividers

The dashboard module now supports dividers allowing you to improve the look of your dashboard(s). 

Dashboard Now Supports Badges

You can now enable “track changes” on your dashboard allowing users to see which module got updated via badges.

Data Source Reports

You can now create reports to help you analyse the data captured in your data sources. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

The CMS now supports Multi-Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator.

Improved Support for iPads

iPad layouts have been improved. 


Over the next few weeks, your app will be updated to the new version; however, if you have an urgent need for one of the new features, contact us at and we can look to expedite the update.

Info Grove 4.6 Release