From all inclusive membership engagement to your annual conference, we've got you covered.

Membership Engagement

Membership engagement can be a daunting task. Emails are good but can be very hard to obtain statistics or generate responses. Social media is great but not everyone is on it, and who knows what those platforms will do with your data! Info Grove provides you with a simple mobile first solution to engage your membership right in their pockets. With Info Grove you can:

  • Provide a schedule of events.
  • Conduct surveys and polls to get feedback about your organization. 
  • Perform elections or resolution approval with ease. 
  • Collect payments for union dues and annual registration or events.  
  • Save costs (and the environment) by replacing membership cards.
  • Perform grass root campaigns to drive real world action.
  • Activate your audience with timely and targeted push notifications.
  • And so much more! 
The best thing is that Info Grove can work in conjunction with your website so that you don’t have multiple places to manage. 


Download our case study and see how the Washington Education Association is able to engage their members using their app.

Sample Union & Association Customers

Info Grove allows MIFOP staff members to independently add and update content with the simple to use content management system.

AECT mobile app is a resource for those in the Texas Capitol, employees and contractors for AECT.

Education Minnesota uses their Info Grove self-managed mobile app to engage over 80,000 members across the state. 

The Grain Growers of Canada app puts information in the hands of grain farmers and members across Canada.

Info Grove provides QPAT-APEQ a bilingual conference guide for their annual conference as well as a membership engagement solution. 

The Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis communicates and interfacts with its membership via their new app.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Is your organization considering a mobile app for your members but don’t know where to start? Or do you wonder if a mobile app would benefit your association or union but are not sure how to evaluate the option? We have prepared a guide to help you!

Our guide is designed for the non-technical professionals. We update it regularly and the information here will help you understand as much as you need to know about mobile apps and working with mobile app developers. You will be able to confidently choose whether to have a mobile app developed and why, you will be able to choose a mobile app development company and you will be able to lead your team through the project to a successful mobile app launch.