Info Grove 4.3 is right out of the oven and ready. We hope you enjoy the new features!

Analytics in the CMS

You can now view basic analytics right in the CMS. Advanced analytics are still available for our gold subscribers via Google Firebase Analytics.

External URL List Module

The External URL List module allows you to quickly create a list of external URLs in a single module rather than creating a view per URL speeding up the process of adding views to your app.

Hide Excerpt Option for RSS Feed Module

You can now configure the RSS Feed module to skip showing the excerpt of the articles and go straight from the RSS list of news to the articles directly.

Improved Contact List Search

Search within a contact list can now search by name or title.

Module Validation

The platform will now perform daily module validation and warn you of any errors in your content such as invalid URLs or URLs not using https. You can choose to receive an email with the errors by enabling by turning on the “Receive Admin Emails” option to yes in the Users table in the CMS.

Enhanced Forms With Multiple Emails

You can now configure a different set of emails to receive your form submission based on the select list choice. For example, if you have a form which asks users to select between carrots, celery, and cucumber, you can now configure the form so that user #1 receives the submissions when users have selected carrots, user #2 for celery, and user #3 for cucumber.

Improved CMS Layout for View Creation and Edits

Many layout improvements to help with the creation of views and content edits.

Groups in Lists

Our Contact, Plain, and Location Lists now support grouping.

Other Improvements

  • Added view password option on sign in views.
  • Fixed crash in location list map view on iOS.
  • Fixed crash in refresh on YouTube view on Android.
  • Fixed “An error occurred while initializing the YouTube player” on Android 13.


Our latest Info Grove release also includes a ton of other minor improvements. Over the next few weeks, your app will be updated to the new version; however, if you have an urgent need for one of the new features, contact us at and we can look to expedite the update.

Info Grove 4.3 Release