The team at Info Grove has been hard at work in the last months making Info Grove even better. We strive to make Info Grove even easier to use and continue to work on our vision to simplify the management and deployment of mobile apps. This email will summarize some of the new features of our latest release.

New Social Media Module

Our new social media module allows you to bring your social media sites – Facebook and Twitter – into the app with just a few clicks making the entire integration process more seamless. Just enter your Facebook or Twitter handle and let Info Grove do the rest. 

Improved Contact List Module

The Contact List module has now been improved and can now be connected to a data source allowing you to create a crowd sourced list of contacts. Users can make update to their own profile using the app and have those changes automatically reflected in the contact list which can then be viewed by everyone. A great way to simplify the management of a public contact list.

NEA 360 Support

The Access Module now supports integration with NEA 360 to perform simple user verification allowing easier management of users for any organization affiliated with the National Education Association.

Groups Support in List

Our contact list and location list modules have been improved to include the ability to group items simplifying the management and viewing of large lists such a contact lists, facilities list, and others.

Operating System Updates

As with every passing year, we have updated the apps to better support the latest operating system releases from Apple and Google: iOS 15 and Android 12.


New Info Grove Release