Info Grove, the best mobile platform for municipalities and associations, just got better with version 4.4! See the changes below!

Direct Link in Schedules

Schedule Sync module now allows you to skip our schedule item details view and go straight to a URL provided in the website field of the schedule sync.

Many Stability Improvements

We performed a deep dive and made overall improvements to the platform structure to improve our platform’s performance as well as set a stronger foundation for some of our upcoming features. Improvements include:

  • Better handling of push notifications on Android 13 including fixing a crash that occurred when notifications are turned off.
  • Improved support for languages in the CMS.
  • Added support for HTML formatting in Privacy Policy and T&Cs.
  • Better support for parent/child entity structure in the CMS.
  • Notification history now displays the notification title.
  • Improved email validations for enhanced forms.
  • Fixed internal error when sending email on Campaign actions.
  • Fixed issue where voting start time was not displayed until voting had started.
  • Fixed invalid order of events in Schedule if events only have start time (iOS).
  • Fixed issue where photo not displayed as expected in contact list (iOS).
  • Fixed issue where music was paused when opening app (iOS).
  • Increased enhanced form upload timeout to 120 seconds (iOS).
  • Fixed issue where editing a record in contact list caused crash (iOS).
  • Fixed showing <br> in App Link description field (iOS).
  • Added showing which form fields are required (Android).
  • Fixed long questionnaire being truncated on user questionnaire (Android).
  • Improved support for HTML tags in fields.
  • Fixed short bio not displayed in contact list (Android).
  • Fixed time zone picker for request meeting (Android).
  • Fixed map overlay not showing icons on Android 13.
  • Fixed issue where empty RSS feed caused sync error (CMS).
  • Fixed ESRI map URL causing internal server error (CMS).
  • and many more!


Over the next few weeks, your app will be updated to the new version; however, if you have an urgent need for one of the new features, contact us at and we can look to expedite the update.

Info Grove 4.4 Release