The latest update for Info Grove is here. Here are the new features: 

Community Forums

A new forums module is available allowing you to engage your community through up to 25 forum topics including support for moderation. 

Enhanced Form “Thank You” Dialog

The enhanced form module now allows you to enter a thank you message which is shown in a dialog when users send their submissions.

Support for Cloning Manage Fields layout

Enables cloning the Manage Fields layout from another view that has the same module type.

Other Minor Improvements

  • Android – Fixed how the status bar color is set. Now using the nav header color without darkening anything.
  • Improved Google Analytics
  • iOS Contact List list view shows improperly on some devices.
  • Android – Fixed issue with repeated notification requests
  • Android – Fixed crash due to permissions change on Android 14


Over the next few weeks, your app will be updated to the new version; however, if you have an urgent need for one of the new features, contact us at and we can look to expedite the update.

Info Grove 4.5 Release