Training for Teams in Municipalities and Local Governments

Step seven in our mobile app development process is training. Once your mobile app is live and available for download, it’s time for us to train anyone on your team who will be working with the app on how to make changes to and update its content.

It’s important to ensure your content stays up-to-date and relevant if you want users to continue to find value in the app. Additionally, you may wish to add entirely new features as you begin to understand how your users are interacting with your app and what kinds of activities they are using it for.

The Info Grove mobile app platform uses a content management system (CMS) to make changing and updating content or adding new features simple enough for non-developers to manage on their own. With the CMS, you can add, edit, and delete content such as images, text, or videos, and control how it is displayed on your app. The CMS simplifies the process of updating mobile app content and makes it easy for you, the app owner, to keep your app up-to-date with the latest information and features without having to constantly rely on a developer.

Two-Hour Training For Up To 30 People

During a two-hour training session, Info Grove will walk your team through how to use the CMS to edit existing content and add new content to your mobile app. We’ll show you exactly how our team set up the current content on the app so you can begin to understand how adding or manipulating content within the CMS shows up on the front end of your mobile app.

This session is a great time to ensure anyone who will be working on the app has the chance to see the CMS in action and ask any questions they may have.

Your App Can Grow With You

The Info Grove clients who get the most value out of their mobile apps are the ones who truly take advantage of the platform’s modular approach to bringing in different types of content. With over 45 modules, Info Grove’s modular approach allows our clients to easily customize their apps’ content. As your needs evolve and change, you can add new content and features to your app, keeping it fresh and relevant for your users.

Info Grove is constantly adding new features and modules to accommodate our clients’ needs and the changing market, creating an ever-expanding platform. We always tell our clients that if they find themselves wishing for a way to do something on their mobile app to let us know. It’s quite possible we already have a module available that can allow you to offer that feature to your users. If we don’t already have the module, we may be working on making it available–our clients’ feedback drives a lot of our innovation and platform development.

Your Library of What’s Possible

During the training session, we’ll also walk you and your team through the Documentation Section of the platform, which provides explanations of the different sections of the CMS as well as the modules available to use. This section acts as an informative self-help section where you can read about the features available and how to use them without having to be dependent on us for help.

Support is Always Available

Of course, Info Grove is available to answer your questions and support you as you continue to use your mobile app. We have tried to make the platform and CMS as simple as possible, but we know that sometimes you just need to ask questions or talk through an idea that you have.

That’s why the eighth and final step in our mobile app development process isn’t really a step at all–it’s actually ongoing support for our clients so they can get the most out of their mobile app investment.

You can learn more about our full 8-step mobile app development process that allows us to go from concept to deployment in as few as six weeks here.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Our Mobile App Development Process: Step Seven