What should a municipal mobile app cost?

Recently, a BC Municipality launched a mobile application to connect with residents. At first glance, the app seems comprehensive and full of content. It includes all the standard content you would expect in a municipal app such as news, events, city council, civic facilities, feedback form, etc.. and some unique ones such as an augmented […]

Info Grove is The Mobile Solution for Municipalities

In the past, government entities typically provided their services in person, this approach, of course, required having physical offices, personnel and a list of other expenses that ate at their spending capacity toward serving their communities. With the introduction of the internet, there was a push towards modernization, triggering the age of e-government. This transformation […]

Comparison: Custom App vs Info Grove

Whenever people approach us to help in launching their mobile app ideas, we explain the difference between developing a custom mobile application and signing up for our Info Grove mobile application platform.  What is the difference? A custom mobile app is an app that was tailored for a specific customer according to its business requirements […]

QPAT Launches a Mobile App for its 2019 Annual Convention! APEQ Lance Application Mobile Pour Leur Congrès Annuel 2019!

The Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers (QPAT) promotes and develops the professional, social and economic interests of teachers. Representing over 8,000 teachers in Quebec, QPAT aims to provide teachers with some of the practical pedagogical and professional knowledge needed as they carry out their work. QPAT organizes the Annual Teachers’ Convention for its members, which […]

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