When the words Content Management System (CMS) platform are uttered, it is automatically associated with a website. There is a good reason for that association, websites nowadays rely on CMSs (such as WordPress) for the simplicity of content management and update. With Info Grove, we adopted the same philosophy for mobile apps and expanded on it to help meet and exceed our customers’ requirements now and in the future. In this blog post, we will have an overview of how Info Grove’s CMS has simplicity at its core while powering dynamic apps.

Simple Interface

We didn’t want our users to have to enroll in a Computer Science course to use Info Grove, so one of the main goals for the CMS was to keep it simple to use. The interface design includes all the platform’s navigation and content management pages in a column style menu on the left as demonstrated by the screenshot below. This menu design allows for a good deal of screen real estate for the user to focus on the main content of the page they are working on while still maintaining quick access to the platform’s navigation, best of all the menu can be hidden with a click of a button increasing the content management real estate.

Info Grove App Community Demo Home Page Screenshot

Modular Approach

One of the main advantages of Info Grove is the way content can be added. We adopted a modular approach to bring in different types of content to the Info Grove powered mobile apps. The Info Grove modules act as different tools that help administrators add the type of content they want into their apps. Whether it’s embedding a widget, synchronizing with a schedule, adding PDF documents or even linking to a youtube channel,with over 35 modules, Info Grove’s modular approach allows us and our clients to easily customize their apps’ content. Some of the modules allow for a “Set and forget” approach, where once the module is configured, the relevant content is automatically synchronized and pulled into the CMS and into the app. By listening to our clients and the market, we are constantly adding new features and modules to Info Grove, creating an ever expanding platform. 

Info Grove App Demo View Options Menu Screenshot

Instant Content

The ultimate purpose of the Info Grove CMS is to bring the content to the mobile app, and that process still follows the same philosophy of simplicity. The dedicated menu page in the CMS helps administrators manage their app’s menu style and add the created content into the app with a simple click of a button. Once the content is in the “Menu builder” section of the page, it is a simple drag and drop to organize the content’s order and hierarchy as demonstrated below. 

Info Grove App GIF Menu adjustment Demo

Documentation Section

As part of the vision to make Info Grove easy to use for our customers, we have included a documentation section which provides explanations of the different sections of the CMS as well as the modules available to use. This section acts as an informative self help section where our customers can read about the features available and how to use them without having to be dependent on us for help. 

Info Grove App Documentation Menu Screenshot

Years of experience in custom mobile applications development and the challenges that come with it resulted in the development of Info Grove with the vision to simplify the development and management of mobile applications. In Info Grove’s sixth year of operation, we have consistently heard from clients that the platform is powerful, simple and easy to use. 

14 Oranges provided us with all the functionality we had before and also improved upon all the areas we were looking to change. The backend [CMS] has been very user-friendly and easy to learn thus far.” – Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis

14 Oranges CMS was exactly what we needed, offering a simple CMS that could tie into our existing processes and did not require much new time investment to customize content to the app.” Washington Education Association 

We are very happy with the easy to use platform that 14 Oranges provides.”  Township of Selwyn

Utilizing self-managed software, Info Grove allows me to make changes or add content to the app with only basic computer skills.” – Arkansas Education Association

If you are looking to launch your own dynamic mobile application managed by a powerful but simple CMS, please contact us.

Info Grove CMS – Simplicity at its core