How Info Grove’s universal platform makes building a unique and user-friendly mobile app easy

When it comes to developing a mobile app, it’s critical to pick a design that will improve community engagement and be a useful tool for your users. We have built a robust mobile platform that simplifies the deployment of mobile apps for organizations such as municipalities, unions, museums, and more. 

The secret to our platform is that we have simplified the design process so that any organization can create an app that fits their needs, while still retaining its unique brand. To do this we have developed a content management system that makes it easy for organizations to add content and manage all of their features in one place. It can also be integrated with your website so that your content is always synchronized and up to date.

Municipal Mobile Apps

For example, we were asked by Fulton County, a county with just over one million people in Georgia, to build a mobile app for their local elections. The goal of the app was to create a useful tool that residents could use to get all of the information they need in order to vote. This included information about advanced polling locations, how to register to vote, identification requirements as well as election results.

The end result was a simple, yet visually appealing app that helped to improve community engagement and ensure all of the information people needed could be found in one spot. Our platform also allowed Fulton staff to easily update information and provide an external link to election results. 

Info Grove can also help municipalities build unique apps for different departments. For example, the City of Lethbridge asked us to help build them an app for their parks department

The goal of the app was to create a useful tool that residents and visitors could use to help them get the information they need from the City’s Parks and Recreation department. The end result was a visually appealing app that used a multitude of our pre-built modules. One of the modules also linked to an external map that highlighted all of the city’s trails and pathways. 

Member Association Mobile Apps

While Info Grove’s platform can be easily used to help municipalities build mobile apps, our platform has also been used by unions and associations. For example, we helped The Washington Education Association (WEA) build a mobile app to help their members stay up to date with training, upcoming events, member benefits, professional development, and the latest education news. The app also included information about bargaining support, how their members can help pro-education advocates get elected, and profiles about inspiring members from around the state. 

What is particularly neat about this app is we opted to use a scrolling dashboard, rather than a grid pattern. The scrolling menu allowed them to use images rather than small icons for each module. They also included a hamburger menu in the top left corner of their app to help users navigate easier. 

Museum Mobile Apps

Info Grove has also helped museums create and develop mobile apps. For example, The Polygon Gallery used our platform to help them create a visually appealing and engaging app. Located in North Vancouver, the 25,000-square-foot facility is Western Canada’s most extensive photography-focused gallery. With this in mind, we built an aesthetically pleasing app that is perfect for first-time visitors as well as longtime fans. In addition to the gallery information, the app also provides a multimedia gallery experience using our experiences module as well as a section for members to access member-only content. The app also allows users to access the museum’s podcast, bookstore, and shop as well as all of their social media accounts.

As you can see, Info Grove’s mobile platform can be used by a range of organizations from municipalities to museums. Our robust platform, which includes 35+ modules, makes it easy for organizations to add content on their own, while also ensuring the app is easy to use. 

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

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