I recently attended the State Education Association Communicators (SEAComm) conference, where communication professionals from education associations across the United States gather to share, collaborate, and learn. It was a vibrant exchange of ideas, best practices, and innovative technologies that shape the educational landscape. It was also an excellent opportunity to connect with existing clients and other education associations looking for new and innovative ways to engage and communicate with their members.

SEAComm serves as a platform for dedicated communication teams within education associations to discuss various aspects of communication, including member engagement, media outreach, government relations, and internal communications. Professionals from different associations come together to explore effective approaches, learn from one another’s experiences, and discuss the technologies they use in their communication efforts.

The conference featured breakout sessions led by industry experts and association representatives, covering topics ranging from legislative action and messaging strategies to conflict resolution and technological innovations. Attendees engage in collaborative discussions, share success stories, and explore the latest tools and platforms driving communication within the education sector.

An Exciting Future Ahead

I loved how the conference focused on both software and hardware and recognized the importance of leveraging technology to enhance communication initiatives. From discussing mobile apps and websites to exploring the use of cameras and microphones for content generation, it fostered a forward-thinking environment where professionals could discover innovative solutions to their communication challenges.

Showcasing What’s Possible with Mobile Apps

We wanted to showcase the real-world impact of our app development solutions at the conference. To achieve this, we collaborated with one of our latest customers, the HSTA (Hawaii State Teachers Association). Our founder, Sylvain, started the presentation by highlighting our company’s expertise and then passed the mic to our customer representative from HSTA, who passionately shared their success story of achieving a 40% uptake with our app. It was fantastic meeting so many conference attendees after the presentation who were captivated by HSTA’s story and eager to continue the conversation and explore the possibilities of a mobile app for their own association.

Making New Connections

SEAComm’s intimate setting, with approximately a hundred attendees, allowed for meaningful networking and connections. Attendees had the opportunity to interact directly with peers, exchange ideas, and build relationships that extend beyond the conference itself.

With numerous educational associations already working with Info Grove in attendance, the conference was an ideal platform to showcase our expertise, connect with potential clients, and reinforce the potential our mobile app can offer to education associations.
We’re looking forward to seeing where our new connections take us and are excited about the potential of working with more educational associations and members of the SEAComm community.

If you’re part of an education association and think your association may be ready to explore the potential of a mobile app, book a call. We would love to learn more about your association and see how Info Grove could help.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Uniting Education Associations: Highlights from the State Education Association Communicators Conference