We have built hundreds of mobile apps for North American organizations. In our work with these companies, municipalities, unions and arts organizations we have found some consistent similarities with their mobile app requirements.

Beyond each wanting and needing an on-brand look/feel, useful features that can be delivered within budget, and a development team that can get the work done on time we found additional similarities despite the fact that each organization is very different and serves a very different audiences.

Here are our top three customer requests:

  1. Community engagement 

At the top of the list is community engagement. Almost every business and organization that is developing a mobile app is doing so because they want to communicate and engage more effectively with their community. With that in mind, we built Info Grove to ensure that every mobile app we develop makes community engagement the number one priority. We’ve done this each time by creating appropriate and “sticky” features to the mobile app that makes it enticing to use.

  1. An app that is easy to update and use 

While this might seem like common sense, far too often apps aren’t easy to use because they are poorly designed or are not intuitive for the average user. It is important to understand that your audience, unless you are developing for a highly technical audience, is at an average level regarding their use of mobile app technology.

With Info Grove we made sure to design a mobile platform that is easy to use for both users and administrators. Our experience is that our apps require very little training for staff to use and the app itself is easy and enticing for users to engage with. This includes simple navigation tools, aesthetically pleasing menus and easy-to-read the content. In other words, we always put function ahead of fashion and flash. 

  1. Hassle free experience

Following the previous point, our goal at Info Grove is to design a mobile app that is hassle-free for staff to add content to and for their users to engage with. To do this we design apps with simplicity in mind, so you don’t need an IT department to maintain it.

When you build an app with us, it’s designed to be used by any staff member with a minimal amount of training. To update the app it’s as simple as logging into their management content system and adding or deleting content. Staff can also add modules when required or delete them if need be. All of the apps we create are simple, yet engaging to use. And with every mobile app we design, it comes with up to 12 hrs of tech support from our team. Many of our clients don’t use more than 15% of that support time as they are able to update the app on their own.

If your organization is looking to understand how a mobile app may add to their community support or user engagement, contact us for a no-obligation discussion to get your questions answered.

About the author: Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Top 3 Customer Requests When Developing Mobile Apps