Have you ever wondered how long it takes to develop a mobile app? You might have heard stories of lengthy development processes spanning many months or even years. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is another approach—one that could save you time and resources.

Setting Realistic Expectations

When it comes to developing a mobile app, it’s essential to set realistic expectations from the start. While it’s true that complex, custom-built apps can take a considerable amount of time, not all mobile app development follows the same timeline.

At Info Grove, we’ve refined our mobile app development process to be very efficient without compromising quality. We often tell our clients that it typically takes about six to eight weeks to launch a mobile app with us.

The Key to Speed: Our Innovative Platform

One of the reasons we can deliver mobile apps efficiently is our innovative approach, which is at the core of Info Grove’s platform – in fact, it’s actually at the centre of why we exist.

We noticed a common thread among many of our clients—their mobile app needs often had striking similarities. They all desired features like event calendars, document repositories, push notifications, and more. This realization sparked an idea: What if we could streamline the development process by creating a platform that encapsulated these common requirements?

That’s how Info Grove was born. Our platform was designed to solve a real-world problem—repetitive and time-consuming mobile app development tasks. With Info Grove, our clients no longer need to worry about the technical complexities that typically accompany custom development. Instead, they can focus on what truly matters to them: content and design.

Info Grove’s platform serves as a pre-built foundation for mobile app projects. It comes equipped with essential features and functionalities that many organizations seek in their mobile apps. This pre-built foundation significantly accelerates the development process because we don’t start from scratch each time, and that foundation has already been tried and tested.

Imagine it as having a tool box with all the different tools you may need to engage with your community. Whatever type of content you want to share with your community, we dig into the existing modules and features to add that content and make it available in your customized app!

Factors Influencing Mobile App Timelines

While we aim to complete projects in six to eight weeks, the actual timeline can vary based on factors such as:

  • Content Availability: The speed at which content (text, images, etc.) is provided by the client can impact the development timeline. Timely content delivery expedites the process.
  • Decision-Making: Efficient decision-making by the client, especially regarding design and functionality choices, can significantly speed up the development process.
  • Testing and Feedback: Rapid beta testing and feedback cycles from the client also contribute to quicker app launches.

Surprising Speed

Clients often express their delight at how fast we can deliver a fully functional mobile app. This reaction is understandable, given the misconception that app development could be a lengthy project.

The key takeaway here is that you don’t have to wait for months to see your mobile app idea come to life. With the right approach and a platform that means you’re not building from scratch, you can have your app in the hands of users much sooner than you might think.

Tailoring Your Mobile App with Flexibility

Every organization is unique and has different needs for its mobile app, and that’s why we’ve designed our platform to be incredibly flexible. With a wide array of modules at your disposal, you can customize your app to meet your specific requirements. Plus, we’re constantly expanding our module library, driven by the evolving needs of our clients and our creative team’s innovative ideas. Our Info Grove clients always have the opportunity to incorporate these new modules into their mobile apps, ensuring they stay up-to-date and packed with the latest features.

So how long does it take to build a mobile app? The slightly frustrating answer is: it depends. But, it definitely doesn’t have to be measured in months. A platform-driven approach, coupled with an efficient processes and team experience, can mean you can have a mobile app developed in a fraction of the time it would take for custom development.

If you’re eager to explore the possibilities of mobile app development without the long wait, get in touch with the team at Info Grove. We’re here to provide valuable insights and help you turn your mobile app vision into a reality.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

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