Mobile App Design for Municipalities and Local Governments

As soon as the Info Grove team has your visual brand assets–any existing brand guidelines, colours, logos and images, our team gets to work on step three of our mobile app development process–design.

Your mobile app offers you an excellent opportunity to drive brand awareness and help your audience make a connection with your municipality or local government and its support for residents. So, it’s important that your app has the same look and feel as your website and any other existing branded spaces or assets like a printed brochure or sign.

What do I need to do during the design phase?

It’s important to remember that when we’re talking about the design phase of the app development process, we’re not talking about creating a brand identity from scratch.

The goal of the design step of the process is to apply your existing visual branding to your new mobile app.

Just as a storefront sign or a conference exhibit booth is a physical extension of your brand experience, your mobile app should be a digital extension of your brand experience.

So, we won’t be choosing all-new colours or creating a brand-new logo. What we need from you to get started on the design phase are the brand assets like logos, colours and any brand guidelines that exist you’ll provide during Step Two, Data Gathering.

What if we don’t have a graphic designer?

Don’t stress. You don’t need to be a designer or work with a designer for this step in the app development process to be successful. Info Grove can work with your designer or design team, but having one isn’t essential.

If you have a graphic designer, we’ll provide them with what is possible, and all the requirements and they can design something that we’ll then implement in the design of your mobile app.

If you’re not working with a designer, the Info Grove team is here to support you. Using your logo, colours, and brand guidelines, we will provide you with a few options to choose from and help guide you through any design decision-making required.

Whether you have a designer or not, the design process is a collaborative one. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on options and our team will make adjustments to ensure your brand shines through on the mobile app.

While you won’t be required to provide final approval at this stage, we want to ensure we have your team’s agreement on the colours, logo and layout you want to move forward with before we develop the beta app.

Unlike your mobile app’s content, which can easily be updated or changed by your team (after helpful training from the Info Grove team), the design of your app will be hard-coded and can’t be changed without going back into development.

As long as we’re not reinventing the wheel or creating an entirely new brand identity, we can usually get to a design that everyone feels good about within a few days.


Just like with the content you provide, quality matters. The better the brand assets you’re able to provide, the better the end results. The Info Grove team will give you a clear outline of what we need, including file types and sizes required for the best-looking mobile app possible.

Now that we know what the app should look like, we’re ready to start Step Four in the process–development. This is when our team loads the content you gathered in Step 2 and the app really starts to take shape!

Interested in developing a mobile app for your municipality or local government AND launching it quickly? Learn more about Info Grove’s mobile app development process to see how we’re able to go from concept to deployment in a few weeks.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Our Mobile App Development Process: Step Three