Mobile App Development for Municipalities and Local Governments

Good news. Step Four of the mobile app development process falls mostly on Info Grove’s shoulders. Once you’ve provided all the data and content required for your municipality or local government’s mobile app, it is time for the Info Grove team to really get to work and start populating the app with that content.

Adding content to the app is simple. But, the development phase can be more complicated or take more time if the content and data we receive are disorganized, incomplete or not formatted correctly.

For example, addresses need to be in a specific format to render on a Google Map. Data that isn’t in that format won’t display correctly, so our team needs to manipulate the data to ensure it shows up correctly for the end user.

How can I make sure the content I deliver is ready to add to the mobile app?

This kind of question is music to our ears. While the Info Grove team can adjust the data we receive to ensure it displays correctly on the app, the more effort our clients make to ensure the data follows the format we request, the easier (and quicker) our job is.

Eventually, your team will be updating the app yourselves, so understanding how to format and organize content and data is good practice. Plus, it will speed up the development process and allow you to launch your mobile app sooner.

Like all the steps in our mobile app development process, a collaborative approach yields the most efficient and best quality results.

What should we be doing during the mobile app development phase?

While the Info Grove team is busy developing your mobile app, the best thing you and your team can do is get prepared for the next step – review and adjustment.

During the review and adjustment phase, we send you and your team the test or ‘beta’ version of your mobile app so you can provide feedback and ask for any necessary changes. To access the test version of your app, you and anyone on your team who will be reviewing the app will need to create a Microsoft App Center account and register your device.

The Microsoft App Center is the tool we use to deploy, test, and monitor the apps we develop. Before we can move on to the review and adjustment step of the process, you and your team need to be set up on the App Center.

To avoid wasting time between development and review and adjustment, take time during the development phase to determine who will need to test and review the app from your team. Ensure everyone creates an App Center Account and registers their device before the Info Grove team is scheduled to finish development. If you’re all set on App Center, we can send your test app as soon as our team completes development without skipping a beat!

Info Grove follows a streamlined 8-step mobile app development process that allows us to go from concept to deployment in a few weeks. Learn more about the process here.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Our Mobile App Development Process: Step Four