Support for Unions and Associations

One of the best things about the Info Grove mobile app platform is that you and your team can learn to update and make changes to your app without a developer’s help.

But that doesn’t mean that as soon as your app is live and you’ve finished your training session that you’re on your own. All Info Grove packages include ongoing support (the amount and type of support depend on your package). So the final step in our mobile app development process isn’t really “the end”.

Don’t Worry About Annual Mobile App Updates

Info Grove is also here to manage operating system updates. Both iOS and Android have been updating their systems each year, which means that the apps available in these stores sometimes also require updates to continue to operate optimally. Info Grove takes care of any updates required so our clients don’t need to worry about them.

We’re Here to Navigate Technical Issues

While we can’t be there to help one of your members if they have trouble installing your app or answer questions they have about the content on the app (you’re the experts in that!), we are always available to address any technical issues your team has.

Occasionally we may notice a customer review on the App Store or Google Play about your mobile that seems like it could be an issue with the technical side of things. In this case we’ll ask our clients if we can take over that matter to see if there’s anything on the technical side that should be addressed.

Our team does our best to resolve any technical issues as quickly as possible. In our service agreements with clients, we have clearly defined categories of issues, each assigned a priority level and associated response and resolution time, so you’ll always know what to expect. Like everything we do, we approach support as collaboratively as possible, so we use these as a guideline and work with you to ensure you get the support you need when you need it.

We Want To See You Succeed

Have questions about or need a refresher on how to make changes or updates to your mobile app? Have an idea and are wondering if an Info Grove module could help you bring it to life? Our team is here.

Depending on the package you purchase when you decide to work with Info Grove, you’ll get a certain number of hours of support, either via email or phone each year that you can allocate to get the type of help you need.

We want to help you achieve your union’s or association’s objectives, so we’re ready to explore how your mobile app could make a bigger impact and help achieve those goals.

You can learn more about our full 8-step mobile app development process that allows us to go from concept to deployment in as few as six weeks here.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Our Mobile App Development Process: Step Eight