What do you do when you’re the clerk of a small town who has just realized that your town’s existing mobile app wasn’t properly maintained, has expired and you can’t seem to get in touch with the developer who created the app for your municipality in the first place?

First, don’t panic.
Second, reach out to Info Grove.

That is exactly what the clerk from the Town of Black Brook, NY did when she found herself stuck with a mobile app that didn’t work and a non-existent mobile app customer service team.

Mobile App Customer Case Study: Town of Black Brook, NY

Luckily, Info Grove Municipalities is designed specifically for towns like Black Brook, which were looking to quickly and cost-effectively launch an app that met their residents’ needs.

Because Black Brook was in a little bit of a pickle, with their existing app no longer functioning, one of the biggest requirements they had of the Info Grove team was the ability to get the mobile app up and running quickly, without it costing a fortune.

They liked the flexibility of the Info Grove platform and its capability to expand and grow with the town’s needs by adding additional features and modules in the future. They also liked that the platform was designed with small towns’ and municipalities’ needs in mind.

Black Brook, is a small town in Clinton County, NY, population under 1,500 people. Even though a small town, the requirements for us were that they wanted a mobile app that could help them improve resident engagement and make communicating news and updates easier. Being a very small town, they don’t have a huge team or budget to develop and maintain a mobile app.

Info Grove Municipalities’ content management system (CMS) allows our clients to easily update their mobile app content themselves and was the perfect solution for Black Brook.

If you’re a small town looking for a mobile app to help improve resident engagement and make sharing information easier and more streamlined, contact the Info Grove team. We would love to give you a demo of our Municipalities mobile app platform to show you how quickly and easily we can have a quality mobile app up and running for your town or municipality.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Mobile App Customer Case Study: Town of Black Brook, NY