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Healthcare associations, in general, aim to improve health standards and promote the medical profession.

Since engagement is at the core of every association, mobile technology helps to dramatically improve the communications between the organization and its members, as well as to keep professionals educated about news in their fields and available courses. Moreover, building and developing strong connections with the community is an essential part of popularising associations’ work to make valuable contributions to the healthcare industry.  

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Info Grove has a long track record with healthcare associations to analyze gaps in communications in the organization and to create mobile apps that perfectly solves engagement problems through a mobile channel.

Over 35 modules and platform features can be mixed and matched into a mobile app to provide different engagement options such as alerts, pop-up notifications, events schedules, forms, surveys, payments and many more. Info Grove is beneficial for its fast and easy deployment of mobile apps. It has a simple back-end system to work for non-technologically savvy individuals. The mobile app is customizable for the association’s branding styles and standards. All association’s news and updates are always available through a user-friendly mobile app.

Healthcare associations who have chosen Info Grove as their primary mobile-first approach started to benefit from increasing engagement with their members. 

SafeCare BC

Info Grove offered SafeCare BC a mobile-first solution allowing them to simplify operating procedures within the association and its members. It also allowed them to remain focused on their priorities – health and safety in the continuing care sector.

Info Grove App Save Care BC App Feature Page and Safety in 60 Seconds

Mobile application details:

  • Access to mobile-first education opportunities.
  • 3rd Party Integrations with Member 365.
  • Documents and Survey links are in the App.
  • Footer-link-to-view feature to run a competition.
  • Self-managed CMS for updating content.
The Washington State Pharmacy Association

The Washington State Pharmacy Association has deployed Info Grove to engage with members and advocates of the pharmaceutical industry. Info Grove allows WSPA staff members to independently add and update content with the simple to use backend management system. Association officials will now be able to relay information about events, news, and emergencies using its member engagement app.

Info Grove App Washington State Pharmacy Association Events and feature pages

Info Grove allows the WSPA to engage members with:

  • Communicating polls, surveys, and forms.
  • Creating mobile event engagement.
  • Providing resources and tools for advocacy.
  • Send targeted push notifications to members.
Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre – Operational Stress Injuries Clinic

The OSI Clinic of the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre has launched OSI Connect, a comprehensive learning and self-management tool to assist Canadian veterans and the RCMP community with common mental health concerns. Built for iPad, iPhone, and Android, OSI Connect is portable and provides information and assistance at the touch of a button.

PTSD, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse are all types of operational stress injuries (OSI). Canadian veterans and RCMP need to know that OSI Clinics across Canada specialize in treating these conditions that come from combat, grief, high-stress situations or operational fatigue.

App users have access to:

  • Self-assessment quizzes.
  • PDF resources and quick guides.
  • A locations list of all clinics across Canada.

Info Grove helps healthcare associations meet their needs and providing a highly professional service with a tailored approach. 

If you are a healthcare association considering solutions to improve engagement within your community, contact us for a free consultation.

Info Grove helps healthcare associations to engage with their members