At Info Grove, we’re all about providing municipalities, local governments, associations and other member organizations with cutting-edge mobile apps that empower communities and streamline processes.

But what sets us apart from the rest of the crowd? One of the answers is you, our unique and diverse clients.

We’ve always believed in the power of collaboration and community-driven innovation. I wanted to take you behind the scenes and reveal how some of the features that make Info Grove stand out were born from our client’s suggestions. I also wanted to extend an open invitation to all our Info Grove clients – we’re eager to hear your ideas for new features that could make our platform serve you even better.

The Client-Driven Journey of Info Grove

Info Grove isn’t just a mobile app platform; it’s an evolving ecosystem shaped by the needs and desires of the communities we serve and will serve. While we have a clear vision of the future, we’ve always understood the importance of being adaptable, of listening to our clients’ feedback, and of working closely with them to find innovative solutions.

In the ever-changing landscape of mobile apps and technology, making hard-coded roadmaps about future modules can be a tricky business. Roadmaps are, by nature, flexible, but we remain committed to working on enhancements that can benefit all our clients. Instead of telling you about our future plans, I wanted to take some time to celebrate the features that originated from your insights.

From Client Suggestions to Game-Changing Features: The Info Grove Experience

Let’s start with the “Experiences” module, a feature that evolves the way many clients use Info Grove. This game-changing addition began with a museum client in North Vancouver. They had a unique need to share experiences with their visitors and sought to create interactive, multimedia-rich content whether indoor or outdoor.

Our collaboration with this museum allowed us to introduce the “Experiences” module to Info Grove. This module empowers you to craft tailor-made experiences within your app – think of it as a versatile storytelling and education tool. You can include various content types, from text, images, 360-degree images, audio and video. With interlinking options, hierarchical structures, and location-specific content, the possibilities are endless. This functionality is perfect for creating self-guided tours, courses, or unique interactive experiences. What started as a specific requirement for a museum became a versatile tool now accessible to all Info Grove clients.

The “Membership Card” module is another example that came from an association client’s suggestion. They wanted a digital membership card within the app, making it convenient for their members to access a digital ID on the app. What started as a feature for a single client soon became a valuable asset for multiple associations and business groups.

Your Needs Could Spark the Next Info Grove Module

You might be thinking, “What if my needs are different?” That’s where the beauty of our community-driven innovation comes into play. Your unique requirements might be the spark for the next groundbreaking module.

The power of this collaborative ecosystem extends beyond a single feature. The Info Grove platform is a shared system where one client’s ideas can become a benefit for all. Our clients’ suggestions don’t just stay with the client who made them; they become part of the ecosystem, enriching the mobile apps for everyone. It’s a win-win situation where innovation leads to more innovation.

While some features, like “Experiences” and “Membership Cards,” were developed based on client-specific requirements, other integrations and features emerged from discussions with potential clients. For instance, the “NEA360” integration arose from the education sector’s needs, while the “Microsoft Azure Active Directory” integration found its roots in the school district we serve.

Unlock the Power of Your Ideas

We’re excited about the prospect of bringing your innovative ideas to life within the Info Grove ecosystem. Our mission is to make your experience with our platform as seamless, engaging, and efficient as possible. By actively involving our clients in shaping the future, we not only ensure our platform remains relevant but also strengthen the community spirit among our users.

So, think about all the possibilities. What functionalities would you love to see in your mobile app? Is there something you believe your community is missing, a problem you think Info Grove can help solve? Whether it’s a feature you’ve dreamt of or a challenge you’ve encountered, we want to know. Share your ideas with us and we can work together to bring them to life.

Each suggestion, integration, or new module we create with you in mind contributes to a vibrant ecosystem of innovation. Our clients inspire us daily, and we’re ready to embark on this exciting journey of client-driven innovation.

Are you curious about how your unique needs can shape the future of Info Grove? Reach out to us and let’s explore the limitless potential of community-driven innovation. Together, we’ll keep Info Grove at the forefront of mobile app technology, making your communities even more engaging and efficient.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

From Client Suggestions to Game-Changing Features: The Info Grove Client Community