As a platform for easily building customized apps, Info Grove can help you better serve your residents, community or organization members.

Info Grove was designed as a platform to enable our clients to build their own bespoke mobile apps, easily. Thanks to its modular design, Info Grove allows you to build an app with dozens of functions and link them together giving more information to your users, all in one app. 

In part two of our deep dive into Info Grove’s features, find out how to build location-based content, alert residents to important emergency information, and much more. Missed part one? Have a read here, then continue below.

Use the Location List module to plot routes and more

Many small municipalities use this feature to detail locations of artistic or cultural significance. Others use it to show parks and green spaces. You can do both … and then some. There’s no limit to the number of locations you can include, either.

Combine the Location List module with the Map Overlay module for location-based experiences

Here’s where things get really interesting. Do you want to be able to show users cycle routes or walking tours within your municipality? How about showing different regions of a municipality on a map? It’s all possible. You can even create multiple layers on top of each other, and really deliver value to your users.

This is another module that’s extremely flexible. You can add a footer, or banner, to the bottom of any page within the app. Some municipalities use it for advertising a sponsor of an event, linking out to the sponsors’ website.

One way we’ve seen it used effectively is when important, location-based information needs to be spread far and wide. Some cities use it to inform users of emergency road closures, or weather warnings. It’s a small, but incredibly useful feature.

Empower your association app users to vote with their fingers using the Election module

With this module, you can create election-type content. It can also be used for surveys. You create a question and the relevant responses (imagine using this to showcase different candidates, for example). It can be populated with video and other content and even made time-limited, so users can only vote in a specific timeframe. And depending on your needs, the responses can be anonymous or require a user to include their personal details.

Encourage users to take action using the Campaign module

We’ve seen this one used to great effect. The campaign module can pull up a pre-populated email, so your users can contact a certain member of parliament, or congress, and express support or dissatisfaction with a proposed bill. You can pre-populate the subject and message, so users can add their voices to a certain campaign using a specific template. Make it easy for them to take action.

Create real-life experiences with the Experience module

Here’s something we do often at Info Grove: If one customer has an idea for a feature that would benefit all of our customers, we’ll make it central to the platform. That’s exactly what happened with the Experiences module. 

The Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver wanted to create a bespoke digital experience, with tailored content that only became available in sequence. So when the user completes the first part of the content, the next part becomes available, and so on. 

With the Experiences module, you can include HTML content, or video, or a mix of all different types. It supports 360-degree images and can be triggered by beacons or geofencing. So you can create a unique, real-world experience that comes to life in a user’s hand.

And finally … make essential documents available offline, wherever your users are

Most of the modules within Info Grove allow you to make content available offline for users. This means that whenever the app is opened, it will force a download of these specific content pieces. When users are working in areas with patchy cell service, this can literally be a lifesaver.

For example, we had one client that transports explosives across Canada. Their drivers needed to be able to read a manual at all times. And as they’re working in remote locations, of course, they don’t always have internet connectivity. Making these essential documents available offline allows their users to read them whether they’re in White Rock or Whitehorse, no matter the cell service.

While we haven’t covered all of the features available within the Info Grove app, we hope this deep dive has sparked some inspiration within your team about what an Info Grove app could do for your residents, users, or community. Want to learn more? Get in touch to arrange a call and let’s talk.
About the author: Karim Mansour is the Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Deep Dive Part 2: Uncover the Power of Info Grove to Build a Customized App for Your Organization