In the world of mobile app development, every project comes with its unique characteristics. One such project that Info Grove recently embarked upon was the development of a mobile app for the Town of Thurmont in Maryland, USA.

The Town of Thurmont: A Hidden Gem

Thurmont is a charming town located in the heart of Maryland, nestled near the renowned Camp David, which serves as the official country retreat for the President of the United States. With a population of around 6,200 residents, Thurmont hosts a number of historical attractions but isn’t a bustling metropolis. Instead, it’s a close-knit community that’s proud of its identity. This characteristic was a unique opportunity to show how the Info Grove mobile app platform can flex to meet the unique needs of a small active community.

Community Engagement

The Town of Thurmont was seeking to enhance its community engagement through an active channel such as a mobile app. Using the Info Grove platform Thurmont now shares information on local attractions, businesses, restaurants and users can utilize the map functionality to navigate to their location of interest.

Through the app, residents also benefit from easy access to information and services like Garbage & Recycling, Online Bill Payments, Reporting a Concern, Calendars, Municipal Codes and so much more.

Flexible Third-Party Collaboration

We became involved with this project through GAVIN, a brand strategy firm who were already involved with The Town of Thurmont. Thurmont decided to work with Info Grove based on our ability to meet their requirements at competitive pricing.

We’ve collaborated with different companies before, and in our experience complexities typically arise in the process and there are more opportunities for miscommunication. Fortunately, our partners for this project have been very professional and on top of things, so this has not been an issue.

The Town of Thurmont’s journey to create a mobile app with Info Grove is a testament to the adaptability and creativity required during mobile app development and the value of having a collaborative partnership.

If your town or municipality is ready for its own mobile app, contact the team at Info Grove for a demo today.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Customer Spotlight: Town of Thurmont