Calumet City, a community just outside Chicago, Illinois, recently approached Info Grove with a pressing need: to launch a mobile app in an incredibly tight timeframe. Here’s a closer look at this exciting project and how our team was able to lean on our streamlined process and experience with similar projects to help bring the city’s vision to life.

Calumet City’s Goals

Calumet City’s primary goal was to engage with its residents more effectively and enhance community involvement. They also wanted to provide a platform for sharing crucial local information, including updates on local businesses and events. Although they already had a mobile app in place, it had become outdated and was no longer in use. Calumet City saw the need for something fresh and engaging.

A Tight Timeline

Perhaps the most exciting–and challenging–part of this project was the timeline. The initial request was to launch the app within a week. While we have refined and streamlined our mobile app development process to be able to meet extremely tight deadlines, we recognized that a week was extremely tight for such a project.

We wanted to help Calumet City meet its ambitious timeline, but we also wanted to account for the time it will take for, decision-making, content provision and the Apple App Store and Google Play review processes that were out of the Info Grove team’s hands. So, we discussed a slightly extended timeline of a couple of weeks with the city’s IT manager, who was our primary point of contact throughout the project.

A Collaborative Partnership

Calumet City initiated contact with us by requesting a demo through our website. This marked the beginning of a swift and efficient collaboration between our teams. Their team had a clear vision of their app’s purpose and understood how our platform aligned with their goals.

This clear vision, coupled with the city’s IT manager’s understanding of our Info Grove platform and its capabilities helped us bring Calumet City’s mobile app to life smoothly and efficiently. The manager grasped the urgency of the project and the need for a swift turnaround. This understanding was vital in streamlining the project and making it as efficient as possible.

Info Grove’s Flexibility and Advantage

One of the key reasons Calumet City chose Info Grove was our platform’s flexibility. It allowed us to adapt to their unique content requirements and deliver under tight deadlines. Our platform’s agility and ease of use were major advantages that made us the ideal partner for their project. We knew that if we had the support of our client, we could rely on our streamlined process and the fact that our platform is designed specifically to meet the needs of a client like Calumet City.

Support and Training

We recognized that the circumstances were exceptional, and our goal was to ensure the project’s success. While the launch deadline was tight, we were committed to providing support and assistance to Calumet City. This support included training and guidance to help them make the most of the Info Grove platform. We were prepared to assist them in adding additional content or making any necessary changes after the app’s launch.

Calumet City’s urgent need for a mobile app was met with Info Grove’s flexible and efficient approach. We look forward to the positive impact it will have on Calumet City’s community engagement.

If you represent a city, town, or municipality and are ready to launch a mobile app, don’t hesitate to book a call with the Info Grove team. Even with tight deadlines, we can help you bring your vision to life.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Customer Spotlight: Info Grove’s Swift Response to Calumet City’s Urgent Mobile App Needs