When it comes to creating mobile apps for cities, it’s all about teamwork and making sure we’re meeting the needs of the community. It’s part of what I love most about the work we do at Info Grove – sure, we’re developing a mobile app, but we’re also helping cities and towns build more robust, connected communities where residents feel engaged and supported.

Our recent work with the City of Adelanto was no different. Adelanto, with its roots in the late 19th century, has evolved from a humble desert settlement into the fastest-growing city in California. LAN WAN Enterprise was already working with the City, and they decided to reach out to us to help develop an Adelanto App

We could immediately feel the energy and excitement about the potential for a mobile app to help Adelanto better connect with its residents and knew that there was synergy between LAN WAN and Info Grove that could help bring the Adelanto vision to life.

Setting Goals and Planning Ahead

Adelanto had a clear goal in mind: they wanted an app that would make it easier for residents to access important city information and services. Before we even started work, we sat down with LAN WAN, who described the needs of the city and what the goals were and wanted to make sure that Info Grove could meet those needs.

Adding Must-Have Features

One big request from Adelanto was to include a 311 service request form in the app. This form lets residents report things like potholes or graffiti directly to the city. We also made sure the app could handle other types of information, not just service requests, so it could be a ‘one-stop shop’ for residents.

Tackling Design Challenges

Designing the app was important to the staff at Adelanto. So we wanted it to look great and feel intuitive, but finding the perfect design took some trial and error. In the end, though, we knew it was worth taking the time to get it right. Plus, we wanted Adelanto’s app to be ready for whatever the future might hold. So, we built it to be flexible and scalable, meaning it can grow and change along with the city’s needs.

Spreading the Word

As with any new client that launches an app, we’ll set up a meeting to share our best practices for launching a city or municipality mobile app. During that session, we’ll walk the team through our Marketing Guide and dive into how they can best get the word out about the new app. We’ll discuss strategies they can use to leverage social media, a website page , and maybe even some good old-fashioned banners. The goal is to make sure everyone knows about the app and how it can help them.

Learning Something From Every Project

I always learn something new with every new client we work with and Adelanto is no exception. Our work with the LAN WAN and Adelanto teams reminded me of one of the most basic, but important success factors for the work we do: communication is key. Whether it was talking to city officials or our partner keeping the lines of communication open is crucial to making sure the development process goes smoothly and that we could provide an app that would deliver on Adelanto’s objectives.

In the end, our partnership with LAN WAN and Adelanto is about more than just building an app—it’s about building a stronger community. I’m excited to see how the app helps Adelanto thrive.

If you represent a city, town, or municipality and are ready to launch a mobile app, don’t hesitate to book a call with the Info Grove team. We’re happy to work closely with you to build an app that helps you achieve your goals and better serve your residents.

Karim Mansour is an Inside Sales Representative at 14 Oranges, the creators of the Info Grove platform.

Customer Spotlight – City of Adelanto: A Collaborative Approach to City Engagement