Rotary District 5010 has deployed 14 Oranges’ Info Grove self-managed mobile app service to engage members, share news & updates as well as advocate for important causes.

Info Grove allows Rotary District 5010’s leadership to independently add and update content with the simple and easy to use backend management system. The leadership will now be able to relay information about events, news, different clubs, leadership contact information and various important programs through its member engagement app.

Info Grove allows Rotary District 5010 to engage members through:

  • Leadership information and contact
  • Creating mobile event engagement
  • Providing resources and information on programs
  • Sending targeted push notifications to members

14 Oranges’ Info Grove allows Rotary District 5010 to create different access levels for each of its clubs. In addition to district content, each club can add their own views on the app, their own content such as contact lists for club members, meeting schedules, special events, etc. Members can share Rotary stories and pictures from the app and also post to Social Media from the app.