Hudson County is ready for the upcoming election on November 10 with new technological improvements for residents in the county.


Most notable is Hudson County’s updated mobile app by county clerk E. Junior Maldonado. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android.

The election app helps citizens with a variety of election-related tasks, including:

  • Allowing citizens to register to vote.
  • Providing info on early voting.
  • Allowing people to request a vote by mail.
  • Obtaining info on party declaration.
  • Accessing a calendar of important dates.
  • Viewing a list of candidates for senator.
  • Viewing samples of completed ballots.
  • Receiving more info on who’s running in the election.
  • Viewing election results from the past.
  • Accessing a district map to see what district citizens are voting in.
  • Finding locations on where to vote.


“We believe that our investment will pay dividends for years to come by allowing the public an easier, more secure and transparent way of obtaining necessary and critical information.” said Hudson County Clerk, E. Junior Maldonado.

Hudson County staff plan to keep residents up to date as election day progresses with push notifications. Citizens can continue with their day as they received election notifications, keeping them engaged. With the mobile app, citizens don’t have to refresh a web browser or a social media page to stay informed; they can just use the app.

The Hudson County election app was built using the Info Grove platform. Info Grove is equipped with a cloud-hosted content management system and allows county staff to independently update and add content to the mobile app.

Hudson County’s Election Mobile App